Fact Find Questionnaire

Please take the time to complete the below questionnaire.

Please bring along your questionnaire to your initial meeting with your financial planner. This will us to help you make the most out of the money you have now, while creating a great financial future for you and your family.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

We believe that the creation, implementation and maintenance of a sound financial plan is absolutely essential to asset you in maintain your lifestyle objectives over time. To begin the process we need you to consider the following points and then complete and return the below form to us prior to our meeting:

1. Your perspective:
By clearly resolving what you want as your lifestyle you are more likely to achieve it.

2. Your objectives:
By quantifying what is really important to you, you begin to direct your efforts.

3. Your resources:
By defining your existing resources you build on a solid foundation.

4. Your priorities:
By establishing your priorities you are equipped to make informed choices.

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